by Marlee-The-Creator


I'v e stayed home from schoo for the past two days from being sick. Can't breathe, can't stop coughing and I have a fever off and on.


I have a twitter. @shutmeup_comics is where you can find news and updates for all my comics and frequent sketch dumps. Please go and enjoy<3

by Marlee-The-Creator

I'm taking a two week break. Not only do I start my new job this weekend, but I'm working on Locked (I've said that a million times and I promise it's true.) I have a filler for this week and a guest comic set up for the week after, thanks to the crew at Level 30.

I'm doing only the inking first, getting every page inked before I started colouring, that way, if I do get behind, I still have a comic to post that can be coloured later and re uploaded.

...I feel like I had more to say. Want to hear about my personal life? My girlfriend got her licence. Now we can go places :D There's going to be a comic on that soon. It might only be funny on a local level though.

I've decided on a name for my other new minor comic: Shut Me Up. Mostly because the comic will not use dialogue.

Any way. I'll post more tomorrow. Bye!

woo. More stuff on Locked.
by Marlee-The-Creator

So, if anyone reads this.

My comics will probably be shorter as time goes on until Locked is published. From like 1 panel to 3 panels long kind of short. Just because it takes less time and planning. I'M WORKING HARD ON LOCKED, THOUGH, I'M SO EXCITED.

Also IATU might have a filler next week, I don't know yet. I might be able to push through one more week before I have to get caught up again.

In other news, I'm thinking about starting a third comic, sort of as a personal project. Not meant to be funny, not intended to have a joke everytime, just really what goes on in my head. I usually use drawing as a way of venting my thoughts and feelings and since I've been so focused on comics, I haven't done any personal drawings in a while. I'm not sure if I'll be doing this yet. I'm still thinking about it. If I did, it wouldn't have regular updates. I'd only post whenever I need to vent. Could  be every other day, could be once every two weeks. Who knows.

Um, what?
by Marlee-The-Creator

A blog?! Dafuq am I supposed to write here? Hmmm.

I've been thinking about all the Harlem Shake videos that 'sploded the interwebz. I was think of making a comic like that.

News on Locked? Haven't made much progress as far as art goes. I'm working more on the outline. Some people don't like to use those, but I think it helps me avoid straying from the plot and becoming annoying and repetative.